Zuma brunch is back!

If you haven’t been to Zuma then I would highly recommend the brunch.

Zuma brunch is every Friday from 12-4pm so make sure you get there on time to make the most of the sitting! Unlike a lot of Dubai brunches this one is quite civilised (!) and noone is rushed away at 4pm on the dot so you can make a day of it and enjoy a more relaxed meal.

There are sushi and sashimi stations buffet-style where you can help yourself along with a whole array of dishes from veggie tempura to beef and chicken skewers and plenty of Japanese fusion salads. On top of this there is table service for starters such as edamame and chili calamari and all drinks are table service. In particular I can recommend the passion fruit iced tea!

Now I feel this brunch should come with a warning (one that I did not receive when I went!)

As well as all of that, you can also order a main dish per person with the list of options basically including all of my favourite things, needless to say it was a tough choice! You can choose the signature black cod, spicy beef, lobster tail, grilled king prawns or seabass. I think there was probably also a vegetarian option but I can’t remember what that was!

To end the feast of all feasts, there is a desert station with all number of goodies and you can also request a fruit platter for the table which we did and it was delicious – a tray piled high with fresh sliced fruit and some of the nicest sorbet I have ever had.


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