Zara: Perfume

Like most girls, perfume has become part of my daily routine. Mostly, the perfumes I wear are gifts or bottles I’ve picked up in Duty Free or Boots sales.

But it doesn’t have to be designer (as much as ¬†love Chanel) or expensive to smell good – and importantly, last throughout the day.

The other week I found these great perfumes (100ml) in Zara in a range of scents including Oriental, Floral, Apple Juice and Fruity. They all smell quite fresh while the Floral and Oriental scents are more musky. At just 60AED (¬£10) each, I went for Floral and Apple Juice and having worn them both a couple of times now I’m really happy with them. Great scents, last all day without top ups and amazing value! Plus the bottles are simple so look good too.

Zara perfume


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