In a year…

So much can happen in 12 months, some of it planned…some of it not!

This time last year we were sat on the floor of our empty London flat, surrounded by suitcases and a confused cat while we waited to be picked up to head to the airport (take two after the first flight was cancelled). Fast forward a year almost to the day and we are now more than settled back into Dubai life. New home, new jobs, new routine, new lifestyle, same cat.

It was a move that to us seemed the perfect timing and a great opportunity but to others was quite controversial with a couple of people going as far as to strongly advise against it (no names but you know who you are 🙂 ). And I’m sure this was the opinion of others who couldn’t quite bring themselves to tell us!

Things don’t always go to plan or quite how you imagined but this can be a blessing in disguise and get you out of your comfort zone. The first year back has had very few hurdles or challenges (touch wood) so here’s too many more in the sun!*

*Sorry family and friends in Europe

Here’s to being grateful for all these moments and more (instagram pics so not very clear!)


And thanks to these lovely people (and lots more but again, pics from instagram only!)


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