When you decide to take a break

What would you do if you weren’t working next week? How would you fill your time?

Chances are, your mind is instantly filled with self-indulgent plans of reading all the books you never get round to, watching rubbish TV shows just because you can, eating hideous amounts of chocolate biscuits and flicking through magazines, spending your days in coffee shops watching the world go by, painting your nails a different colour every other day….the list goes on!

Having been unemployed (by choice) for two weeks, I can assure you this is not what my life has been like!

Yes there has been more time to see friends who don’t work or work shifts so are free during the day. Yes, the TV has been on in the background more than usual.

Mostly though, my days have been filled with unpacking all our suitcases, what seems like endless loads of laundry, stocking the kitchen and flat hunting. The luxury though, is being in control of your own time and although still a massive fan of lists (always!) I can do my jobs in any order I want, whenever I want – in my PJs if I want!

It’s definitely been useful but having had a couple of weeks off and got a bit closer to finding a place to live, it’s probably time to start job hunting too! In the meantime, the flat hunt continues at high speeds!


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