What's in Chloe's bag?

What’s in your bag? Part 1 – Chloe

Everyone seems to love posts looking at what bloggers carry around with them so I’ve decided to do my own take on this.Instead of just looking in my bag – although we will also be doing that next week, I’m taking you on a little tour of some of my friends’ bags! The ultimate nosy blog post series – excellent!

Starting with installment 1, featuring my friend Chloe’s bag.

So, what exactly does Chloe keep in her every day bag? Well first thing to note is that everything is organised neatly in this little handbag organiser (I would except nothing less of Chloe). This is perfect if you like to change your daily handbag every now and then as you get to keep all your necessary bits together.

Secondly – this is a far more practical handbag than my own! Tucked into this little bag we have wet tissues, hand sanitiser, chewing gum, lip balm, perfume (a selection no less!), lip gloss, tissues, a glasses cleaner and much more.

It just goes to show you can carry everything you might possibly need and not have it take up lots of space or floating around in the bottom of your bag.

Thanks Chloe!

What's in Chloe's bag? What's in Chloe's bag? What's in Chloe's bag?

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