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What to pack for a mini-vacay

I’m currently wishing it was the weekend so I could do the mini vacay ALL OVER AGAIN!

Having had a manic few weeks Mr M and I took advantage of a free weekend for a little treat.

In need of some serious downtime away from the blackberry/laptop/incessant stream of emails and phone calls, we booked ourselves into Anantara, the Palm for a night. More on that here.

The sad fact is we could have done with a short holiday to have a break from the manic weeks at work but we didn’t have time! What have we become?! But I think you’ll agree as plan bs go this is a pretty good one!

What to pack for a mini trip? Not much – which is the other bonus of not flying somewhere for longer – no passport, no flights, no long journeys. Just a weekend bag and a short drive.

Here’s what I packed:

Mini vacay



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