Weekend update

Last week was crazy busy with work, events and lots of exciting blog deliveries – all coming soon!

At the weekend I always have good intentions of getting up to date with my drafts folder…somehow the last two weekends, this hasn’t happened! This weekend was taken up instead with some work, catching up with friends, checking out the OTB Market and enjoying the weather which is gradually warming up.

Most people I know who blog and work full time always talk about having to manage their inbox and having lots of emails they haven’t responded to. But I seem to do it the other way round, I always make sure I respond promptly to emails but then find the time I’ve allocated to blog work gets used up with admin rather than actually blogging!

Not good…so this week, I’m giving myself 30mins every evening just to get through the 34 (!!!) draft blog posts, tidy them up, sort out my images and finally publish!

In other news, if you’re looking for a new blog to read, my lovely friend Tara has been blogging over here: www.mymashuplife.com  It’s great and always full of useful tips!

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