Vince Camuto

Shoes…I have a love hate relationship with shoes.

I have ridiculously spoilt feet, years of Clarks shoes that were exactly the right fit means that I just can’t bear to wear shoes that are uncomfortable. Not even for an hour.

But I love shoes.

I also have quite narrow feet which proves tricky when shoe shopping, coupled with a bad knee so nothing too high.

But I love shoes.

What this means is I generally look around shoe shops loving everything in sight but knowing that realistically I can only wear 10% of the pairs on display.

I went along to Vince Camuto‘s press night aware of this fact and yet the second I stepped in my eyes made a bee-line for a pair of (probably too high, too wide) shoe boots….

I love shoes.

I have to admit I have never shopped at Vince Camuto but as well as the amazing shoes (which come in black and pale grey just in case you’re wondering), there were some pretty nice clutches and leather handbags too.

Here’s a quick peak:

Vince Camuto Vince Camuto Vince Camuto Vince Camuto Vince Camuto Vince Camuto

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