Toil & Tinker

Toil & Tinker

A recent Dubai discovery for me has been Toil & Tinker in The Courtyard, Al Quoz.

Primarily a print shop they can print anything and everything from posters and banners to newspapers, canvases and tshirts. They also make buttons and print onto mugs so pretty much anything that can be printed! One of the services I’m looking forward to using is framing – we have a few prints which we’ve been given by friends and family and as they’re not a standard size we need to get frames made for them.

The other thing I want to try is one of the workshops, they run a series of workshops including lessons in screen printing, Arabic calligraphy and book binding.

There’s also an online shop so if you fancy having a look click here!

I’d really recommend a trip down one weekend if you’re looking for something a bit different to do.

Location map here

Toil & Tinker

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