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When I heard an old school friend had trained as a chef and has appeared in several magazines and on TV, needless to say I was fairly impressed! All that and Paul Frangie isn’t even 30 yet.

Paul’s brand This Dude Knows Food has teamed up with Tactical Digital Agency to produce and launch their show in October 2013. The six-p[art cooking series will feature the latest trends for healthy, quick food on the go.

Season 1 starts on 8 October with an episode every other week. The recipes will include Thai Prawn Curry, Gluten Free Pancakes and Eid Sticky Date Brownies.

We caught up with Paul to pick his brains about all things food!

P&B: What would your last meal be?

Paul: A traditional Lebanese grill (cooked by my aunts) with family and friends.

P&B: What is one of your earliest food memories and who, if anyone, influenced you to train as a chef?

Paul: One of my earliest food memories is frying eggs for breakfast on my own at the age of 10. Lots of people influenced me to train as a chef; my parents, and Jamie Oliver, Jun Tanaka, Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Chinn. As well as a few housemates at uni that were part-time chefs and taught me how to cook.

P&B: If you could meet anyone in the world of food, who would it be and why?

Paul: Anthony Bourdain, he’s a legend. I really admire his passion and approach to food.

The website launches in early October so stay tuned for more information!

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