The travel edit – Anya Hindmarch

Anyone that knows me will know that I like convenience when I travel. In the past three months I’ve travelled about 6 times with  my next trip coming up in a couple of weeks – so I’ve created a travel routine to make things quicker.

The worst feeling when you prepare for a trip last minute is knowing before you’ve even got to the airport that you’re missing things you need/want to bring with you.

So I’ve fashioned a mini travel set which I don’t touch when I’m at home so that items like toothpaste, hand cream, eye gel etc… stay in my travel case and I can use them whenever I need on my trips. Which, let’s face it is the time you should be using eye gel and moisturiser more than ever!

I haven’t indulged in any of the Anya Hindmarch travel collection (yet) but it is insanely beautiful. If you like travel and make up/toiletries, you will love them!

Here are my favourites:

Anya Hindmarch

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