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Well, it looks like spring might finally be on its way! I’d actually happily skip spring and go right into summer…

As I sat day-dreaming of winter sun holidays and escaping grey London for somewhere warm, the offer to review a pair of sunglasses from the Sunglasses Shop was too good to miss.

The Sunglasses Shop offers quite a wide range of brands from affordable sunnies, perfect for a beach break where they’re bound to be flung in a beach bag, to pricier Ray Ban Sunglasses, Oakley Sunglasses and Chanel and various other designer sunglasses.

I chose a pair of cheap and cheerful SXUC sunglasses, priced at £20.

The SXUC Wave glasses are black and blue with nice wide frames so would probably suit all face shapes.

They’re only £20 but they don’t feel flimsy like some sunglasses do so I was pretty impressed with the quality. The blue on the arms is quite subtle but a nice touch. These are the perfect sunnies for a beach break that you could throw in a beach bag and not worry too much about – as opposed to a designer pair which you wouldn’t want to leave on a sun lounger while you take a dip!

The first trip I’ll be wearing these on is my mum’s birthday weekend in Paris in a couple of months – look out for the posts to see how I style them!

sunglasses shop



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