Sun protection from Nivea

A lot of blog posts start with ‘this week I was sent…’ well, unfortunately this is one of those!

However, it is slightly different in that I was some Nivea sun screen which is currently the only brand of sun protection that I use. One of the perks of being a blogger is being sent lots of things to try out and as much as I am sometimes swayed from my usuals to new options, certain products are here to stay for me.

And one of those is Nivea suncare.

When it comes to choosing sun cream I mostly chose one that is non-sticky but lasts as long as possible and these creams do just that. I always reapply after getting out of the water but if you’re big on tanning you don’t need to as they have good ‘stay power’ as my friend Sara would say.

The three products are:

Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh (30 high)*: This is really nice because it’s a spray so easy and quick to apply. It isn’t greasy at all and goes on invisible so you have to be quick but at least you don’t end up with white streaks. 30 is a bit higher than I would normally wear but it’s good if you burn easily or have very fair skin.

Nivea Sun In-shower after sun lotion*: I always thought of after sun lotion as a remedy for sun burn but actually this is great to use after you’ve spent the whole day in the sun which is very dehydrating for your skin.

Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh (20 medium)*: The formula for this was quite good, it wasn’t sticky but out of the two I prefer the spray. A lot of people complain about the smell of sun lotions, this range does smell but not in a bad way! It’s that typical smell that reminds me of being on holiday!



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