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Studio Roarrrrr!!!!

Studio Roar is a fantastic range of jewellery founded, designed and hand-made by a school friend of mine – Rasha Al Khatib.

If you like individual, statement pieces of jewellery then this is definitely something you should check out.

Rasha’s background in architecture is evident in all of the designs which are dominated by a geometric theme. Since 2011 she has been using¬†both traditional and contemporary materials to create edgy pieces of jewellery.

Currently on sale in various locations in England, Scotland and the UAE, you can also check out the range on

“Living in both the middle east and the UK cross cultural references play an important part in my designs. The work is influenced by traditional islamic patterns derived from sources including the Mirza Akbar Scrolls- a series of sketches of plans and decorative features with their construction lines and grids created by Mirza Khan, the Persian state architect in the late 1800s. Other influences include the french Bourgoin’s Arabic Geometrical Patterns and Designs where the patterns are dissected to reveal their construction process. The abstracted geometric designs are reconstructed using modern techniques (lasercutting) and juxtapose traditional (wood) and contemporary materials (acrylic),” said designer Rasha Al Khatib.

Here’s a selection of her great work:

Studio RoarStudio Roar

Studio Roar

Studio Roar

Order yours now by emailing Rasha –¬†

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