Stationery obsession part.1 – Anthropologie

So I have this thing with stationery. At first I thought it was an odd thing to like so much – a biro is a biro right? Post its are just sticky notes?

No! Turns out loads of people are just as obsessed with all things paper and pens. Don’t even get me started on the current trend of planners and diaries – this suits me perfectly by the way as I have Always used a paper diary (and always will) so this just means I have more to choose from.

It’s the adult equivalent of a child’s excitement at the new pencil case and tin of colouring pencils that the new school year brings. If kids these days even get excited by that anymore…2016 = excitement over new iPad cover…?!

So for the first installment, here’s a look at Anthropologie‘s stationery offering. Two things to note. 1) apologies for the AWFUL picture quality, not sure what happened there so rather than tackle the technical issue we’re just gonna stick with it! 2) The Nip & Fab book is supposed to be amazing and I’m definitely going to get a copy, it’s basically a dummie’s guide to calligraphy!


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