Shake Shack, Dubai

A week ago or so we went to Shake Shack at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai to relive the NYC experience!

When we went to New York in November last year, we stumbled across Shake Shack on the edge of Central Park completely by accident in a state of extreme hunger! And it was a great little find, I admit neither of us had heard of it before but after a quick and delicious bite to eat we started seeing the bags everywhere. After a google search, it transpired that Shake Shack was quite a big deal!

It’s fast food but you can’t say it’s in the same league as McDonald’s or Burger King…you just can’t!

I opted for a New York style hot dog, fries and a black & white shake. Mr Maitha went for a Shack burger, fries and vanilla shake – all of which came to 100AED (£16) which I think is perfectly reasonable for the portions and quality of food you get.

Luckily the shakes served are slightly smaller cups than you would expect – and it’s plenty as they’re thick and sweet, just like a perfect shake should be!

Everything looks and tastes Exactly like it did in New York, the branding is the same down to the chairs, tables and trays – not to mention the sauce stations.

Thumbs up from us!



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