Autumn warmers

September obsessions

This September the weather has been a bit up and down in London – and quite frankly, it’s hard to keep up!

Having liked in the UK for a few years I still haven’t got the knack of autumn/winter dressing. And so, for about five months of the year (probably more) I look like a bag lady as I try and combat the chills, showers, gusts of wind and sunny spells. My typical solution? LAYERS.

As well as looking like I’ve stepped out of the house wearing half the contents of my wardrobe, I also like to make sure I don’t spend half the year wearing grey and black.

Here’s what got me through an altogether confusing (weather-wise) September:

September obsessions

1) This h&m blue is the brightest blue I can find (thanks for the tip Hannah S!) perfect for brightening up an autumn outfit

2) I love this sterling silver and turquoise stone ring from Accessorize. It was a bargain at £6 and I’ve worn it every day since I got it.

3) Where would I be without my bottle green brogue ankle boots from Office?! I got these over a year ago but they’ve lasted well. I’m not sure if you can still get them in green but pretty sure they have them in tan and black this year.

4) This speckled grey top from Topshop is long, soft and slouchy = ultimate comfort.

5) Everyone who knows me knows that I wear a scarf about 340 days of the year but this bright fuchsia pashmina scarf is my favourite.

6) A tiny bit of forest green BECCA eye powder goes a long way!


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    1. Maitha Ahmed Post author

      I really love it! Mine is a bit thick in the bottle so had to add a drop of remover to thin it. If you use a base coat or a layer of clear under the blue, then two thin layers of blue it lasts longer 🙂 x


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