Sephora haul

A couple of weeks ago I may have gone into Sephora for something I ‘needed’.

Doesn’t everyone need eyeshadow primer?? In a hot climate, if you don’t want eyeshadow down your face the answer is yes!

One of my current favourite brands is Urban Decay, everything is such good quality you only need a small amount of nay product.

First up on the list is the original Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. There are three different versions but this goes on like a clear gel and having tested the others (which are more yellow in tone) they tend to crease a little. It definitely works and actually means you need less of the eye products in the first place which is a bonus.

Next up, I am pleased to announce I have found two items I have been looking for FOR AN AGE. A few (more than just a few now) years ago my sister bought me the most amazing shade of pink nail varnish as part of my 21st birthday present (this is how I know it’s been more than just a few years!) I loved it so much it is the first and only nail varnish I have ever used up…..and I mean completely used up. After searching high and low for the same colour I finally found it at Sephora so obviously had to have it – it’s called May ┬áby Chanel.

And finally – I have found the ultimate neutral lipstick! Also be Chanel but it’s the only one I want so cost per wear will be at an all time high! It’s part of the Rouge Coco Shine range so almost like a tinted balm.

Sorry that actually turned out to be a pretty boring post – huge excitement for me on finding these three things but no excitement for anyone else!






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