Royal baby? Pah! Family baby!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you’ll know that the UK media is going crazy about the upcoming arrival of the ‘Royal Baby’.

Yes, Kate Middleton is pregnant, will it be a boy? Is it a girl? A future King? Well, this isn’t the only July baby due! Never mind the royal baby, my family is expecting its own royal arrival!

Any day now I will become an aunt for the fifth time – lucky me!! Being an aunt is the perfect balance for someone who loves children but is a) a bit lazy and b) not a morning person. I get to buy cute kids’ things, play with them, sometimes feed them, then give them back!

It’s never too early to introduce fashion into a little one’s life and Topshop Mini is here to help.

Here are my favourites:

topshop Topshop2

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