Roadtrippin with my travel buddy

Ok so it wasn’t quite a road trip as we know it…but we did take the roads on our last trip to the UK.

We had two weddings which luckily happened to be just a week apart. As both were fairly rural we hired a car for each and despite all the horror stories we heard about car hire in the UK, the process was simple, fast and seamless.

You have to look around to find the best company to suit your personal needs and for us – on an international license rather than UK, we went with Enterprise. Luckily for us, this was also one of the cheapest options, bonus!

We booked everything online before we travelled and the only paper needed to pick up the car was the booking confirmation, passport copy and a copy of our flight details – and the license of course.

The first time we picked up and dropped off at the same location in London and they were pretty flexible about timings (we’ve heard that some aren’t so make sure to check before hand if you need to change the pick up or drop off time). Our car was a Vauxhall Corsa which was only a couple of months old, armed with a SatNav we made our way out of London and down country lanes to the middle of Sussex.

Our second time we picked up from London again but dropped off at Heathrow Airport as we were flying back home the same day. You pay an extra cost to do this but it’s more than worth it as it makes your journey shorter and you’d have to pay to travel to the airport by train/taxi anyway. Again the car pick up was quick and easy, they didn’t have a car in the price bracket we’d booked so we were upgraded a level to a Hyundai I40 which was a lot more comfortable. Again, we opted for SatNav as this time we were heading for North Norfolk and had no idea where we were going!

For the airport drop off Enterprise offer a free shuttle bus service to the terminal – we waited just 10 minutes for ours and the journey time to terminal 4 was 15 minutes.

If you’re looking to hire a car any time soon and have any questions do let me know!



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