Riri for River Island? No thanks

This is going to be controversial, I can just feel it. But I don’t care!

Am I the only one that isn’t head over heels in love with Rihanna? Yes she can sing, yes she’s quite cool. Or was, until she became a walking signpost that reads ‘domestic abuse and violence is ok’.

With thousands campaigning all of the world for women’s safety and against domestic abuse – aimed at both men and women, she’s come along as a famous, popular face of pop saying the exact opposite.

For everyone that thinks her personal life should remain private, that is a naïve point of view. She chose to live her life in the public and is therefore partly responsible as she is a role model for young women the world over.

Why everyone is rushing to buy her River Island collection when it hits the shops next month, I do not know. I feel less inclined to support her work given that she’s jumping up and down about her love for the man who almost put her in a coffin.

On top of that – it just isn’t a very good collection Riri.

Is this what you call a great fashion collection?! And would you pay £43 for these two items? I didn’t think so…

Rihanna River Island


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