Reiss sample sale – I went and I conquered

This morning I got up bright and early and left the house at 6.30am – yes, 6.30am!

Having set my alarm for an uncharacteristically early hour, I got ready at record speed and set off for an early morning shopping spree.

Why did I feel the need to shop at the crack of dawn? The Reiss sample sale! Door to door my journey took just 20 minutes which meant I arrived ridiculously early but I still wasn’t the first to arrive.

As I approached the trendy South Molton Lane, just behind Bond Street station, I could already see the queue curling around the block!

Given that I still had 50 minutes to spare, I decided coffee was a good idea. Once I made my way back, the lane quickly filled with eager ladies, itching to get through the doors and load their arms with some lovely Reiss bargains.

So, what was the damage? I took cash, knowing that this would limit the amount I’d spend. Here’s what I parted with that cash in exchange for:

Two blouses, one blue animal print (£15.00) and one loose fitting black and white striped (£15.00).

Reiss blouse

I also got this soft-knit grey jumper (£35.00) which I’m looking forward to wearing with my old favourites – a white blouse from Gap and my Topshop metallic skirt.

Reiss jumper

For the number of people who showed up I thought it was very well organised.  The racks were clearly labelled and there were lots of staff on hand tidying up and picking things up off the floor.

All in all, an enjoyable shopping experience.

If you want to go sample sale shopping for yourself, the Reiss sample sale runs until Saturday 5 May at The Music Rooms, 26 South Molton Lane. Timings are:

2nd – 4th May: 8AM-8PM

5th May: 9AM-6PM


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