Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

As I’m sure many of you are aware, October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month. Lots of lovely bloggers have posted up the best buys to donate money to charity, but it always amazes me how little brands give to the charities.

That’s why, this year, instead of searching for the beauty buys which donate the biggest percentage to charity, I decided a bake sale was in order!

This is really the only way that you can make sure you’re donating the most – do it yourself. Buying baking ingredients is incredibly cheap and baking and decorating cakes is both therapeutic and fun. I made a huge batch of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, appropriately decorated in pink and white icing, frosting and decorations – my personal favourite was the Breakthrough Breast Cancer ribbon piped on in pink frosting.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer

I went to work armed with boxes of cakes and a little tin to collect up some money, with a guide price of £1 per cake my aim was to make £50 which from one office would be a reasonable donation. Amazingly though – we managed to raise £80.40! I am over the moon with this donation for such a good cause.

With just a little bit of time and effort and a few generous colleagues we could all be donating much more to charities that do so much to help us all when we really need them.

Did you go pink for October? Would love to hear your stories, let me know!

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