Pinterest obsession: Part 5 – bathrooms

In the last of this five part mini-series on my love for Pinterest, we have bathrooms.

In my opinion there is never enough storage in bathrooms. Our current bathroom is lovely but with a long, narrow layout (similar to a galley kitchen!) there isn’t much built-in storage and not really anywhere to add storage even though the room itself is a decent size.

Having measured the two spaces where we could add little drawers or shelves we’ve since found that there is nothing small enough to fit in! So we’re making do with the little cupboards above the sink!

If I had a larger or just a different layout bathroom, here are some ideas that I absolutely love! I basically just need to win the lottery (or start playing at least) and then build a nice big house!

This also wraps up the little Pinterest series but if there are other things you’d like to see, let me know!

Pinterest bathPinterest bathPinterest bathPinterest bath

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