Pinterest obsessing: Part 2 – bedrooms

So last week I was stuck on kitchen/diners when it came to my incessant pinning on Pinterest.

This week I wanted to share some of the most beautiful bedrooms that I’ve been swooning over.

My general theme for the house has become white and grey with splashes of colour which makes it easier to change small items or replace things after a few years e.g. cushions which was our most recent challenge! The challenge being if I was left on my own I would have the girliest house ever….but I live with a boy, who is not such a fan of pink or florals! However we’ve come to a happy compromise of big items in white and grey and then touches of bright colour here and there.

The most ridiculous of blogger dilemmas is I can’t currently find my camera charger, once found I’ll be sharing some picture of our new apartment but in the meantime – how beautiful are these bedrooms?!

Pinterest bedroom Pinterest bedroom Pinterest bedroom Pinterest bedroom Pinterest bedroom

2 thoughts on “Pinterest obsessing: Part 2 – bedrooms

  1. Gemma Blaney

    They really are beautiful, especially the simple coloured, simple theme ones. Pinterest is fab, but terrible for things like this cause you just want to change everything in your house when you look at ideas on there, lol.

    Gem x

    1. Maitha Ahmed Post author

      Hey Gem – totally agree! And if I could change one thing it would be product credits, so many gorgeous things on pinterest but then quite hard to actually find them! Great for inspiration and mood boards though. Thanks for checking in 🙂


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