A pinch and a punch!

Happy December! A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month!

There are lots of good things about December:

1) It pushes you to focus on anything you wanted to achieve for the year, only 4 weeks left – go!

2) It means Christmas is coming soon

3) On the above point, the general rule in our house is that Christmas decorations and the tree etc… only go up once it’s December. Time to start decorating!

4) Holiday planning and time to see the family

5) Christmas music of course

6) Excellent beach weather (when you live in a sunny country!)

7) Everyone gets at least one day of holiday

8) The chance to give lots of lovely presents

9) The chance to get lots of lovely presents!

10) And finally, a chance to refocus in time for the New Year

Christmas Christmas

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