Pantry Cafe

Last week we ended up going to Pantry Cafe not once, but twice in the same week! We hadn’t been for months and then just by chance popped in for lunch a couple of days before we were due back to review the menu.

I have to say we left the first time feeling underwhelmed by the service, we were left waiting for water for quite awhile and it eventually arrived after our food which wasn’t great. The food on the other hand (and coffee) was amazingly good.

Our second trip was a different story, it was also quieter so the team was less stretched to be fair, what was the same though was the quality of food.

The last time we went was about 6 months ago and now they have upgraded to ipad minis for the menus (excuse the fuzzy picture)! You may heave read about our last visit here and here

Pantry Cafe Pantry Cafe

We opted for the deconstructed beef tacos to start which were amazing and have already been recreated at home – not quite as good but always like a bit of food inspiration!

Pantry Cafe

For mains we went for the fish & chips (delicious and crispy) with lashings of lemon juice.

Pantry Cafe

And curry of the day which on the day we went was a Thai green curry with plenty of spice and fluffy white rice.

Pantry Cafe

If you have space for dessert (we didn’t but were persuaded) there are some new chocolate options including a cake, brownie (below) and fondant.

Pantry Cafe


I would highly recommend a visit if you haven’t been before. It’s in Al Wasl Square and has a bit of a warehouse feel to it. The menu is vast so it’s great for breakfast or a late lunch but they serve dinner too.

If you’re in the area but not looking for a food pit stop drop by for the coffee alone – it’s worth it!

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