Oreo madness

Although we’re pretty settled in our lovely new flat, we still don’t quite have a fully equipped kitchen.

Of course we have all the basics but no baking stuff just yet. But I was in the mood to make something and had promised office treats so I rustled up a little favourite (stolen from Amy L last year – thanks!) – Oreo truffles.

Super easy, no cooking required and only three ingredients needed: oreo cookies, cooking chocolate and cream cheese.

oreo truffles

What you need (makes 40 oreo truffle bites)

– 18 oreo cookies

– 100g of light cream cheese

– 150g of cooking chocolate

Easy peasy steps:

1) Crush the oreo cookies, keep a quarter to one side and mix the rest with the cream cheese. Roll into small bite size balls and place on a baking tray in the fridge

2) Melt the chocolate and finely crush the remaining cookie crumbs. Dip the oreo bites in melted chocolate and roll in the cookie crumbs

3) Place on a baking tray and store in the fridge overnight

That’s it!

oreo truffles

oreo truffles

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