Old bag lady

When I am old, I will no doubt have lots of wrinkle…I might wear mis-matched clothes (and not in a cool way) but I will have an amazing collection of bags!

I am a bag lady, I love a clutch, handbag, shoulder bag, tote, you name it. I would say I have a bag problem, but it’s in my genes. So basically, it’s part of my heritage so you can’t knock it. my mum also has something of a penchant for bags and I will always remember opening my grandma’s cupboard as a small child and being amazed (jealous) of her bag collection.

I am also a huge fan of Zara and two of my favourite things have combined recently – Zara’s bag collection at the moment is amazing!

Zara Zara Zara Zara Zara Zara Zara

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