New Look finds

A few months ago I went down to a New Look event which you may have read about here and then armed with some vouchers went on a mini shopping spree!

Having lived in the UK for a few years, New Look was never one of my favourite high street shops, however the stock here in Dubai is completely different and I was spoilt for choice!

If you read my post after the preview event you’ll know there was one item I was obsessed with  – the neon pink palm tree jumper! So obviously this was snapped up quick smart, and I also picked up a pair of bright blue skinny jeans.

The jeans are amazing value and really nice cut and quality. I’ve worn them loads of times already and the colour has stayed just as bright despite numerous washes.

My eyes opened to the bargains that can be found in New Look, I went back for a second go with a friend a couple of weeks and picked up the below:

– Another pair of the NL skinny jeans, this time in mint green

– A white embroidered blouse

– A thin denim top

Suffice to say, New Look is now on my shopping list for high street bargains!

New Look


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    1. Maitha Ahmed Post author

      Haha! Well…when you see it you’ll see it is very thin. Plus I’m always cold so it’s a handy thing to throw on when people get too AC-happy #firstworldproblems you and the Minnie are both very well, loving your family travel posts 🙂


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