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NARS is coming back to Dubai!

Can we all take a moment to let this exciting information sink in?

…..are you ready? So it’s true, NARS is coming back to Dubai and a selection will be on sale in Sephora at The Dubai Mall with the eventual goal being stand alone stores. How exciting!! Having pulled out of the region in 2009, twitter was abuzz with the news a couple of weeks ago when it was first announced and this week we got a reminder of all the reasons we loves NARS at a preview event.


What was my favourite bit? Maybe it was the manicure stations, ready to receive us (with no less than 30 amazing colours to choose from)…or the make up professionals all set to make us beautiful…or the show around complete with NARS stories from Norhayah…for me it was all of the above! Not to mention the stunning surroundings of supperclub at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray on The Palm.



Although I didn’t get my makeup done in the end (seemed a bit full on for the middle of the morning and wasn’t sure I could rock it out in the office), I did speak to the NARS team about colouring and which lip/eye colours I should be wearing.

This was fine when it came to eye products, I was recommended a range of colours for day from rose to gold and bronze and a slightly different take on a smoky eye for night, instead of black and grey a mix of dark browns and greens with metallic through them.


For lip colours I asked for the best neutral look for every day wear and was told with my colouring I should be wearing deep berry red or scarlett! Riiight….I’ll have to work my way up to those I think.


Now you’ll have to excuse my shoddy camera work – I actually forgot my camera at home so have to make do with a camera phone and in my excitement to get snap happy some of the pictures really aren’t very good, but hey ho, the products are still amazing!

Big thanks to the lovely NARS team for a great event and a lovely going home surprise – all of which will be reviewed here very soon!

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