Nail art

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Most (almost all) fashion bloggers regularly post outfit pictures of new purchases, old and forgotten items they’ve dug out/restyled or the latest trends. This is my worst nightmare!

Given that I hate having my picture taken, I will never post a regular stream of pictures of myself on here. So, having thought this over I decided I needed another way of including real-life photos.

What better place to start than an office full of stylish laaaaaadies?

In the first installment of what I’m going to call – Stylish Ladies Who PR, I introduce to you Tryphena Greenwood. Otherwise known as Tryph, Tryphoo, Trish and T.

For those of you who don’t know her she is obsessed, and I  mean Obsessed, with nails – sometimes even changing her nail colour four times  a week. This my friends, is a lady who knows nail art.

Here are some of my favourites:

Nail art

1. Snake print, 2. Crackle, 3. Chintz, 4. Leopard print


Nail art

1. Crescent, 2. Rainbow, 3. Stripes, 4. Tiger print



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