Michael Van Der Ham

My favourite Topshop bargain

We all love a bargain now and then. Yet a special designer treat every so often shouldn’t be underestimated either. Well recently, I found the best of both worlds.

I had seen (and blogged about) the Michael Van Der Ham range for Topshop but resisted buying anything – such restraint and I was so proud of myself!

The one item I’d seen that stood out was a simple printed cotton tee. Nowhere near as glamorous or sequinned as his other pieces but there was something about the colour combination that I instantly liked.

It was £30 but I decided I didn’t need it and I was trying not to spend too much as we’d just booked a holiday to New York – more to come on that soon!

Michael Van Der Ham for Topshop

A couple of (very patient) weeks later the Topshop sale started and the t-shirt went to £10 and to my absolute, child-like joy I managed to get one of the last ones for a mere £5!

It wasn’t so much that I was waiting for the price to drop in some kind of backwards auction, just that I kept thinking about it and trying to decide how much I really wanted it. To anyone who doesn’t know me that well this will sound crazy, but for those who do know me – this is normal procedure! Each and every one of my purchases is carefully thought out. The result? That 99.99% of the time I don’t ever regret a new buy.

And this is one of those times in the 99.99% – I love the t-shirt and have worn it loads already!


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