M&S new collection

I’ll start this post with the disclaimer that when I think of M&S, the following (and only the following) come to mind: socks, extremely chocolatey rolls, old lady shoes, navy jumpers).

Well, I’ve been wrong. I was recently approached to collaborate with M&S and the first activity was a little shopping trip. Armed with vouchers, a shopping basket (and my trusty camera of course) I set off to see what I could find.

And trust me, it was a hard decision picking what items to go for. I’ve never tried on jeans at M&S but the fit is great and the sizes are actual sizes rather than made up sizes that you get in some high street shops (I’m looking at you h&m, I have h&m jeans/trousers in size S, 8, 10 and 12!!)

The swimwear range was lovely and given that the weather is warming up already I was quite tempted to indulge in some new bits but as always I was drawn to the accessories.

In the end, I narrowed down my basket (which included a pair of skinny pale blue jeans, a beach dress, a summer skirt, some make up, a perfume, some basic t-shirts, a necklace and a thin, waterfall cardigan) to a necklace and the skirt.

All in all, I’m really happy with my choices but more than that, I’ve discovered somewhere different to shop and will definitely be back for a few bits and pieces.

Here’s what has become my new favourite necklace, skirt to follow later this week.

Watch this space for more from M&S!

M&S M&S2

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