MJ’s Steakhouse

This year, for the first time since we were teens, my brother and I were in the same country for our birthdays – just four days apart! And our mum was here too, BONUS!

As a treat we decided to go for a joint birthday dinner at MJ’s Steakhose at Al Qasr, one of the best hotel’s in Dubai.

We had heard mixed reviews before we went but we had a lovely evening. My brother, husband and mum and I all drove down and before you’ve even got to the restaurant you know you’re in a special place. Al Qasr, meaning The Palace in Arabic, certainly lives up to its name! Like a lot of the hotels on the beach though, you don’t have to glam up if you don’t want to!

The menu had, as you would imagine, a huge selection of steaks to choose from but there were lots of other options too including Beef Wellington, which two of our group had and it looked amazing! There was a whole menu of non-beef dishes for those less into meat from baby chicken and baked salmon to risotto and salads.

All in all a great night – the highlight was choosing our own steak knives from a box resembling a cigar box!

MJ's Steakhouse mjs1 mjs2



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