Maleficent by MAC

This beauty news is quite fitting as I’m a) currently working with The Walt Disney Company and b) made my first MAC purchase last weekend….I know, not sure why this hasn’t happened sooner! Anyway, very excited about the Maleficent-inspired MAC collection.

The collection (which comes in suitably dramatic packaging) includes skin-perfecting powders (yes please), blood-red nail varnish and a range of glossy lipsticks.

“Everyone is familiar with the look of the original Maleficent cartoon character. It’s intimidating and hard to bring a cartoon character to life. Therefore, we chose to rethink the look rather than redesign it,” said Rick Baker, who worked on the special-effects make-up for the film and has previously created his own MAC collection. “Since this title role was played by Angie, I thought the look of the character should reflect mostly her own overall look. She had specific ideas about it and I worked with her to bring them to life – for example, it was actually her idea to add prosthetics to the face.”

The whole collection is on sale from later this month – as is the film itself, I for one can’t wait to see Maleficient – initial release is 28th May so guessing it will be in cinemas this summer!

Maleficent by MAC Maleficent by MAC

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