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Lulu Frost for Whistles

Last week was a really busy week for both work and post-work events, which meant I got a bit behind on updating everything here!

There has been a lot going on at the moment, from organising work events to booking holidays for myself and Mr Maitha to baking for a charity bake sale to window shopping to attending lots of exciting blogger events – phew!

So, to start at the beginning of the week – the Lulu Frost for Whistles launch party.

Lulu Frost

Held at the Whistles store in St.Christopher’s Place, I went to this with my sister – fellow lover of fashion, shopping and all-round pretty things.

Lisa Salzer is a jewellery designer from New York and the brains and creativity behind Lulu Frost.

The collection includes eight gorgeous pieces all of which are exclusive to Whistles.

Lisa had flown in from NYC for just one day to attend the launch and it was great to meet her as well as hear from the Whistles team to find out how the collaboration came about.

Lulu Frost

Priced from £65 – £120 the collection is a mix of elaborate 1920s glamour and contemporary clean lines. Choose from gorgeous chandelier earrings to embellished cuff bracelets and statement necklaces. Each piece is perfect for both a special occasion or just to bling up a t-shirt and jeans – you can never have too much sparkle I always think!

Lulu Frost

I was lucky enough to speak to Lisa at the event and was keen to find out more. Here’s what she had to say:

MA: Is Lulu Frost a new line?

LS: Lulu Frost was launched in 2004 and I can’t believe it’s gone as well as it has but I’m very grateful!

MA: Have you always been interested in jewellery or was there a day when you woke up feeling inspired to launch your line?

LS: I’ve always loved to accessorise, my main inspiration comes from my maternal grandmother Elizabeth Frost. Led by my grandmother, my family have been in the estate jewellery business for years so I’ve been around beautiful things for as long as I can remember!

MA: If you could name your style in three words what would you say?

LS: Elegant, timeless classics.

Thanks to Whistles for the event, Lisa for her time and my sister for her company!

Lulu Frost

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