Looking for culture in Dubai?

So there’s no culture in Dubai right? Just a city that has sprung too quickly from the desert? Wrong.

As a tourist, expat or visitor, you may have to venture further than the hotel pool bar but there is plenty more to see and do in Dubai than most realise – if the UK press is anything to go by!

Let’s take the last area you would ever consider going to in Dubai and explore what there is for those looking for culture.

Traditionally known as the industrial area, there is much more to Al Quoz than meets the eye.


Much like London’s Docklands and East End, the empty warehouses of Al Quoz provide ideal exhibition spaces and there are plenty of galleries to explore. The best spot is The Courtyard, home to both small and large art exhibitions featuring work by a huge range of artists.

The Courtyard


Stop for a break:

In the middle of Al Quoz is shelter – featuring a zen garden and open-plan flexible working space with a contemporary cafe all in one. Rest your weary feet and have lattes delivered straight to your chosen laptop work space.



What’s nice about this area is that you won’t see a Nando’s, Starbucks or Burger King. What you have on your doorstep instead, is a whole host of independent boutiques, galleries and coffee shops to enjoy. Other highlights? A 28yr old Afghan restaurant popular with local residents and Ripe, an organic farm shop.

So all this and more, just in the small area of Al Quoz – imagine what else is out there if you choose to venture out of your luxury resort!

3 thoughts on “Looking for culture in Dubai?

  1. ohndenim

    Al quoz is my favourite part of Dubai. It has blossomed into a community for creatives.
    The courtyard and Alserkal Avenue and all surrounding areas. Art galleries galore, Good vibes market hosted at Alserkal avenue. The Fridge – venue for exhibitions and music, Cafe culture – Tom & Serg, Raw, Lime Tree, Deus cafe. Wild & the Moon, Bounce – trampoline park, Zoo skate park, countless new age style gyms and fitness centres. It is amazing.


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