A little Sunday cheer

There’s nothing like the feeling of a weekend starting, but come Sunday morning (that’s Monday morning for all you UK folks) the weekend feels like a million years ago.

So what could be better than a little Sunday cheer delivered in the form of some beauty goodies from a lovely PR?!

Having ripped open the package at my desk it’s fair to say there was some office envy, it was a little Mary Poppins bag that just kept on giving.

Fast forward a couple of months¬†later (I know…I took my sweet time) and I’ve now had the chance to try all the products, here’s what I thought:

Figs & Rouge Wild Cherry Lip Balm*: This stuff is amazing, it smells good enough to eat but isn’t sticky at all. It’s 100% natural as well which is a bonus. The only problem is trying not to keep putting it on every 5 minutes! I’ve just seen they also do hand cream in nifty little tubes perfect for travelling so I’ll have to try those out soon as well.

Neutrogena daily scrub*: This was my first ever Neutrogena product and I was unsure about a daily scrub but the product itself is great. Personally I would switch it up and use this every other day.

Herbline¬†essentials Nourishing Cream*: I had heard lots of (good) things about this range but never tried anything and this cream was amazing. I feel old just writing this but I love this cream! I’ve found the range in Boots so will be trying out some of the other products.



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