Koton preview

It’s that time of year again – the influx of press day invites has restarted!

Always one of my favourites is Koton a) the PR is lovely b) the merchandising team is lovely and c) the clothes are lovely…what more could you want?!

Last time I left with a looooong shopping list and hot-footed it straight down to the mall only to find that this eager beaver was too early. So this time, I made sure to ask which items were on sale already (check!) and then made a mental list and off I went!

Here are some of my favourites from the event:

koton koton koton koton


I realise (now that I’ve uploaded them) that most of my pictures are of coats…and I don’t even like winter!

But it is the AW14 collection…and the event was busy which is a good thing, but in terms of taking pictures I couldn’t push people off the racks of clothes to clear the way for some photos!

There were loads of great pieces though so will be posting my wishlist shortly!

Also I’m not sure what’s happened to my already dire photography skills but will attempt some less shaky, less fuzzy pics next time!

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