Kenya photo diary

2015/2016 was the year of Kenya for me!

I travelled to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, quite a few times for work over a period of six months and although I snapped my way around the city I never got a chance to explore further. So this has placed Kenya on my 2017 travel wishlist – mainly a safari!

What I did notice about Kenya, and Africa generally, was that everyone has an opinion on it! And majority of those people have never been. There are a lot of misconceptions – that it’s incredibly dangerous, particularly for women but my experience was that if you have your wits about you and know where you’re going (preferably not at night and on your own!) then you’ll be fine. In my opinion, general traveller rules apply – don’t wander into unknown neighbourhoods, don’t make yourself stand out wearing designer bags and lots of glitzy jewellery and don’t walk about with your head in a map!

Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya

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