June – in a nutshell!

Well June came and went in a flash!

June was a great month. I finished up my notice period at my job, I took a spontaneous trip to London to see family and managed to convince Mr Maitha (with the help of an amazing offer from a friend) to take a week off work for a well-deserved holiday. I also had time to pause and reset. Having a list of jobs each day of things that were for me, for us, rather than for a company has been so refreshing and much needed!

Here are a few highlights:


Lessons learnt (and some re-learnt!) in June:

  • Health comes before career, money or anything material
  • Family time fixes everything
  • Sometimes you need to treat yourself
  • When you’re brave enough to close one door, lots more open for you
  • You can’t stay somewhere for people – people move
  • Best friends are the ones you may not see every day, but when you do see them nothing has changed!


Hope you all had a great June!







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