June favourites

Every now and then I go through phases of only wearing certain items…over and over and over again!

Last month was one of those phases, a mixture of old favourites and new purchases – combined with the fact that I had a big spring clean so things saw the front of my wardrobe for the first time in a long while!
June favourites
1. h&m small grey bag – I LOVE this bag, I got it at the start of the year having looked at it and thought about it for ages (trying to be good) and eventually gave in when I realised there was only one left in all the Dubai stores together!
2. h&m orange patterned jersey jacket. This is more of a smart cardigan than jacket as it isn’t lined and is quite thin – perfect for Dubai weather. I love the vibrant colour, it’s great for lazy days when you can’t quite be bothered to make an effort, throw it on over jeans and a t-shirt and you’re done.
3. Eucerin lip balm – I posted about this awhile ago and still think it’s great for a proper balm when you need moisture over colour.
4. My trusty Swatch.
5. New Raybans, my old ones lasted six years and have travelled the world so here’s hoping these have a long life too!
6. The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette – lots of people (and bloggers) have all three palettes but I was never tempted by the first one as the colours didn’t seem to be that wearable and as much as I like the look of the newest palette I do think all of the colours in Naked 3 look quite pink. So for now, I’m sticking with Naked 2!
7. Old favourites from New Look – so cheap and SO comfortable I want them in every colour.

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  1. Geraldine

    I remember when you bought that little grey bag from H & M!! I was with you and we spent an agonising 25 minutes in the shop deciding!!! haha


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