June beauty favourites

Well, suffice to say June was a hot, hot month, as was July! And this is rather late due to our mini break in the UK so let’s get started!

A couple of new items this time:

Nivea mattifying day care – I’ve never used this before but have been using it daily for a month now and really like it. It’s not too thick, not sticky and not oily at all so it’s perfect for hot weather. And of course, as with all Nivea products it’s super cheap which is a bonus!

Soap & Glory trick and treatment – I hate to be negative (but I’m going to be!) this is rubbish. Apart from the packaging which is lovely, I can’t think of a single thing that is positive about this product. The formula is incredibly thin and basically vanishes the second it touches skin – and not in a good way. Once applied, I guarantee you won’t be able to see a difference! Not worth a purchase (luckily this was my free item on a 3 for 2).

Soap & Glory peaches & clean – This on the other hand, is great. Again, it’s not too oily or thick and doesn’t foam too much. A good, basic daily face wash. It isn’t scented either so it’s probably quite good for sensitive skin too.

Soap & Glory you won’t believe your eyes – As I’m now 30 (whaaaaaaat?! When did I get old??) various friends (you know who you are) keep banging on about taking care of our eyes and using products to reduce puffiness (do I have puffy eyes?!) so I thought it was about time I tried something myself. In all seriousness, I don’t know if I do have puffy eyes or ridiculously bad bags under my eyes, I haven’t noticed a massive difference after using this, but the roller ball doesn’t feel quite soothing!

Nivea lip balm – I bought this cute little tin after seeing a friend use it all the time and I love it – it’s a bargain, it smells deliciously of raspberries and the colour is subtle but a pretty pink. A good every day option when you’re in a rush.



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