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At home with Crate & Barrel

Awhile ago I was sent some lovely things from Crate & Barrel and whilst they were a) lovely and b) used almost immediately I really wanted to share them on the blog but just wasn’t quite sure how! Beyond starting a post ‘I was sent some stuff….’ and everyone falls asleep!

The first thing was the Ona large pitcher and some glasses. With a collection of Ikea glasses in our kitchen cupboard the difference in quality was clear! And I love the pitcher which has so far been used for mint and lemon water. Next up – my special iced tea!

Crate & Barrel

The second delivery was just as exciting – a set of three copper leaf hurricane lanterns. I will be honest here and say that these aren’t something I would ever have chosen in the shop but with a pillar candle burning in each they are amazing and give off a really warm light. Now I just have the challenge of finding a big enough and wide enough candle for the largest of the three.

Crate & Barrel

And the deliveries worked. Within a week we were in the Mall of the Emirates branch mooching around for nothing in particular.

But obviously we didn’t leave empty-handed – not when Mr Maitha has decided he’s somewhere between Paul Hollywood and Jamie Oliver! We came away with the olivewood mortar and pestle (which is tiny, no idea what we’ll use it for, pesto according to Jamie Hollywood) and a set of four mini pizza stones which we’ve already used for home made pizzas and they work really well. Nothing sticks and the result is a nicely toasted pizza base and minimal washing up!

Crate & Barrel Crate & Barrel

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