Holidays, events and busy weeks!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with work events, blogger events and holiday planning which have left little time for blogging so here’s quick update on what I’ve been upto!

As most of you know, the last two weeks for me were spent in New York and Edinburgh on two fantastic trips – more to come on those later! And it always seems to be the way that when you have holidays booked, the weeks running up to the holiday are chaotic. Work was busy with lots of deadlines to meet, World Travel Market which is one of the biggest travel exhibitions of the year and lots of blogger events to attend.

Two very different events on one day – the Motel Rocks Christmas party and a tie dye event at Shoreditch House. As you probably know, you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside Shoreditch House, so I’ve had to use one I had before and a shot of the tie dye – more on my tie dye t-shirts to come soon! I’ve also included a couple of the new Motel Rocks collection which looks great – get shopping, there are some perfect dresses for Christmas parties.

As well as events, I was also trying to pack and plan for our week in New York which was really great, we took over 200 pictures so I’ll do a seperate post on that very soon!

Motel Rocks and Shoreditch House



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