H&M conscious collection

H&M is launching a new conscious collection in stores towards the end of March 2013 (will include men’s clothing too!) All items are made from 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester proving that style and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

Coinciding with the campaign is round two of H&M‘s clothing collecting initiative. This ran throughout stores in 2012 and best intentions aside, I never made it in with my bag of clothes so this time I’m determined to fill up my bags and race into H&M! All you have to do is fill bags with unwanted clothes – these can be any label, just make sure they can actually still be worn and are clean, take them into an H&M store and in exchange you’ll get  an H&M voucher for each bag. You’re limited to two bags per day but that should still give you a good way of getting rid of unwanted clothes that you can’t be bothered to ebay!

The aim of the project is to prevent loads of clothes from being thrown away and ending up in landfills which is something I’ve been thinking about more and more recently. I’m all for seasons and trends but we all do seem to buy an awful lot of clothing, I have friends who have several items in their wardrobes that have never been worn and still have tags on – yet they’ll probably just be thrown away. With H&M’s initiative we can shop without the guilt and give away clothes to a worthy cause – a win-win solution.


If that wasn’t exciting enough, the gorgeous Vanessa Paradis has been revealed as the face of the campaign. I know we’re all fans of Johnny Depp but there is something mysterious about Ms Paradis and the fact that she doesn’t put her name to campaigns here, there and everywhere made me take special notice of this one.


“I like being part of something like the Conscious collection at H&M. I try my best to shop consciously, and vintage is very much part of my wardrobe,” said Paradis. “I love the style and it works in an eco-friendly way because I like to use and reuse old clothes.”

I for one cannot wait for the new collection to hit stores – in the meantime, I’m off to fill up my bags of clothes!

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