Highlights from Sri Lanka

Last month I took the short flight over to Sri Lanka for a long weekend with some friends.

Where to begin with highlights of the trip?

1. Seafood: If you like seafood you are in for a treat! Catch of the day – fish, crab and jumbo prawns grilled to perfection and served up with fresh salads and steamed rice was our daily diet.

2. The weather: Yes it was hot, yes it was quite humid but when you’re on holiday and not rushing around it was perfect.

3. Chili: There is chili in absolutely everything from curries (which are the spiciest I’ve ever had but delicious) to the mango afternoon treats which come complete with chili flakes and salt.

4. Sunsets: The sun sets pretty quickly in ┬áSri Lanka (much like Dubai) but each evening the sky was bright pink as 6.30pm approached, have your camera at the ready though because they don’t last long!

5. Palm trees: This sounds like a weird one but when the coastal roads are lined with swaying coconut palms you really feel like you’re on a tropical island holiday!

Full holiday and hotel review coming soon! Oh and lots of pictures to share, but for now – some phone snaps!

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lanka


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