Happy Birthday!!

I normally try not to post more than once a day just to spread things out a bit. However today is no normal day!

Today is my sister’s birthday, and as I’m not in London to celebrate, I thought I’d do birthday blog post – this will also test whether she still reads my blog!

Being the third of four children I think I’ve been pretty spoilt with two older sisters and a brother, who despite being two years younger than me, appears to be far more mature and grown up! Not sure what happened there…!

The benefit of having an older sibling (who, without giving ages away, is more than a couple of years older), is that it’s almost like having a second, younger mum.

Some top fashion tips my sister has taught me over the years:

– Never wear a black belt with brown shoes/boots

– Leggings are not trousers

– Print on print is not always trendy! And usually isn’t…

– Wedge heels are comfier than stilettos

– Maxi skirt + cropped jacket, not slouchy cardigan

Happy Birthday Jamilah! Hugs from Dubai xxx

ps. I was going to post a picture from the ’80s but decided against it – you’re welcome!

Happy Birthday!

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