GUESS and Marciano capsule dress collection

Just before I went on holiday I went along to preview the limited edition dress collection by GUESS and Marciano.

As well as being a great chance to catch up with the lovely Carine from The Glam Crush Chronicle┬áit was also a great opportunity to see a more formal collection. As it’s summer there have been lots of beach and tropical themed events so it made a nice change – even if I did feel Very under-dressed!

Guess and Marciano Guess and Marciano

Now forgetting the fact that I Never go anywhere that’s formal enough to justify such a sophisticated dress, in an imaginary world (or if someone would like to create such an event that would require this wardrobe) then I have to say I am a huge fan of lace *and always will be*.

As such, there were a couple of dresses that caught my eye – my favourite by far is the bright red/pink number in the second picture, second from the left.

So if anyone has a much more glamorous life I can recommend the collection!



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